Curtain accessories

From “weaver of tapes for home furnishing and decoration” in the 90’s ,our profession has step by step turned into an additional sourcing business, meeting our customer’s request to concentrate their purchases.

Our policy consists in proposing a large range of products suitable to furnishing ,completing our offer of 100 % “made in Auvergne” tapes.

Several plastic and metal hooks suitable to hang curtains on a rod or a rail.
Self gripping hook and loop tape used for haberdashery, manufacturing blinds or any other industrial application.
Lead cord and bar for voile fabrics.
Hot melt and self-adhesive tapes.
A range of products suitable for upholstery; nails, seat webbings, tools…

Would you please find these products in our catalogue, available upon request.

Curtain hooks

Essential accessories for curtain tapes, we propose a wide range of hooks to hang curtains:

Plastic hooks

We mainly deal with short distance suppliers, including french ones.Hooks are available in bulk for industrial manufacturers and blister for stores.

Please bear in mind our similar models to Microflex ,suitable for sewn curtain headings.

Metal hooks

We propose a large offer, packed both in bulk for manufacturers and blister for stores.

Hook and loop tape

We propose a wide range of hook and loop tapes for industrial or domestic end-use.

Our products are OEKOTEX certified ,composed of polyamide and polyester, and available in various versions.


White ,black or in various colours ,we propose standards widths like 16, 20, 25, 50 and 100 mm.
We are able to cut or engrave them with laser machine in case of industrial use.


Our type of adhesive shows a high strengh in case of application on PVC, glas, cardboard or aluminium.

We in addition propose a “super adhesive” version suitable for roman blind systems.

Curtain lead weight

Lead remains one of best ways to weight voile fabrics ,fabrics or stage curtains .

We offer a large selection of weights : 14, 25 , 35, 50, 70, 100, 200 and 400 gr.

The lead is packed on spools ,and available upon request in 1000 mt buk box (in 14 gr).

Because of the environmental impact, we have developped the zinc as an alternative to lead, available so far in 25 gr.

Lead bars are available in 13 ,25 and 50 gr.


As a producer of trimmings for uphostery, we propose a wide range of accessories for seat refurbishment; chairs, armchairs, sofas…


Round, square, honeycombed, would you please find in our catalog a selection of models and colours.

Packed by 1000 for upholsterers, or blisters for private end-users, in addition to, completed by the classical tack.

Nail guide band

To help to put nails, we propose a plastic guide band packed in bulk or in blister.

Seat webbing

Necessary accessories for seat refurbishment, you will find in our catalog both plain jute and elastic versions used by master upholsterers.


Lezarde (snake-braids ), double-threads ,piping trims, fringes and cord. Would you please find our offer in the “trimmings” section.

Hot melt adhesive tapes

HERAUD RUBANS proposes various types of tapes to help manufacturing curtains or hems:


Mainly used to manufacture curtain heading tapes with eyelets, we have two sorts of hot melt adhesive versions:

A double face coated trasnparent woven tape buckram.
A single face cut coated polyester buckram.

Quick hem

Suitable for making up a hem without sewing, we offer cut to size pieces, packed upon request, for ready to install curtains. Hot melt voile fabric is available in big spools for industrial use.

Glue application

We have developped a process consisting in applying glue on any sort of tape to make it adhesive.

Our Research & Developpment team will help you building up a product meeting your technical requirements.