Curtain headings

RENE HERAUD Cie has been weaving curtain heading tapes since 1966.

We currently offer a range of more than 100 products, in various widths and shades, distributed in main European countries.

Taking into account the evolution of home-furnishing markets, our production moved into new sectors:

Production of buckram for curtain heading with eyelets.
Production of roman blind tape.
Distribution of a wide range of eyelets for home furnishing.
Manufacture of “ready to sew” tape with eyelets.

RUBANS HERAUD launches every year new products to hang the curtains.

The tape with loops, as an alternative to eyelets ,and easy to manufacture, belongs to the most successfull products of the last 10 years.

Tape with eyelets

Answering to the trend of eyelets in home furnishing, RENE HERAUD has created and developped the original woven tape including set eyelets. This first version is woven with a loop tape able to be fastened to an hook tape.

A new version based upon a “bachette” weaving type and including a second tape (fabric to be sewn inside) has been created in 2013.

This product is proposed in two widhts:

DECOBAND 80 mm with 30 mm diameter eyelets.
DECOBAND 105 mm with 40 mm eyelets.

A range of 10 shades is available on stock, with possibility to produce customer’s colours with an moq of 1000 mt. We could supply on spool withour eyelets if required.

Would you be looking for eyelets with a special size or shade, please do not hesitate to ask us!

Curtain tapes

Curtain tapes, comonly called “RUFLETTE”, is our core business.

We are the leading french cie regarding breadth of range and volume being produced.

Among the various products we provide to manufacture cutain headings, there are different types of tapes:

Universal tapes, which addition varies from 1.5 to 3. Folds are freely positionned on curtain, and enable to adjust the width to the window.
Pleats have a fixed addition. A repeat or an addition of 2 means that once gathered, your initial width of the fabric of 140 cm will measure 70 cm.
Wave or wave-pleat is a transparent tape used together with a snap carrier slipping in a rail. This sort of curtain heading is usually suitable for hotels or offices.

Our tapes are mainly composed of transparent polyester monofilament, white or off-white. Schrinkage is made during finishing process, and offers a a good stability to washing.


RENE HERAUD has been one of first cies to distribute eyelets to manufacture curtains in France…

Our range is one of largest of the market in terms of colours ,and includes metal and plastic eyelets, from 10 to 66 mm diameter.

We in addition propose machines to set eyelets ,with tools suitable for various diameters.

A curtain heading needs a buckram ,which you will find in our “curtain heading tapes” section.

Metal eyelets

Since more than 10 years ,RENE HERAUD has developped a partnership with one of the largest European producer of eyelets.

We always keep a level of stock of around 500 000 p in order to supply our customers on a daily base as a “stock service”.

Steel eyelets are mainly used for “ready to install” curtains for economic reasons. This product is likely to be oxidized and ist not resistant to corosion.

Galvanized painted eyelets, is a brand new product ,offering a good quality-price ratio ,machine washable and compatible with dry cleaning. Tests made by a laboratory proves its resistance to corosion in saline environment.

Brass eyelets remain best prefered product by upholsterers and “fabric by the meter” specialists looking for a high quality level. Our range includes nine standard colours ,available in 12 to 66 mm diameters.

Lacquered eyelets are covered by a thin paint elastic layer to help setting. It is nevertheless important to follow a few simple tips; our commercial team remains at your disposal to explain them to you.

We could developp special colours based upon RAL or PANTONE, with an moq of 2000 p.

You’re looking for a specific shape, size or material? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

Plastic clip eyelets

RENE HERAUD offers a wide range of plastic eyelets for curtains ,suitable either for “diy” end-users or manufacturers, as an alternative to metal ones.

Metalized eyelets are covered with a metal-look paint. They are machine washable et 30°, but not resistant to dry cleaning.
These eyelets are available in 35 end 44 mm diameter.
Dyed throughout eyelets ,granite effect or glossy, are available in many colours.
We propose them in 35 od 44 mm diameter.
Ethnic look eyelets are coloured throughout and have a high durability as “made in France”.
They look different from traditionnal eyelets, and embellish your curtain-heading. They are machine washable, and dry cleanable.
Available in 44 mm diameter.

Our complete rang is available upon request for special colours based on either RAL or PANTONE shades, with an moq of 2000 p.

Eyelets press

We propose three types of press ,depending on your needs.

MP 14 model is suitable for professionnal customers looking for a practical machine for a non intensive regular use. Cutting and setting are made in two operations, without moving tools.From 25 to 50 mm diameter eyelets.

MP 22-G model is a performing machine ,able to cut and set in one operation. It is suitable for workshops setting eyelets daily ,but not in a position to purchase a pneumatic press.

From 25 to 66 diameter eyelets.

MP 22NG pneumatic model is intended for intensive daily use. It cuts and sets in one operation, and needs a compressor for air supply. This European built machine meets french security rules ,including particularly an anti pinch system.

Our complete range of tools has been studied in relation with our proper eyelets ,and is not necessarily adapted to any other eyelet with identical diameter.Using non fitting eyelets may be a problem by setting an cause damages to the tools. Manufacturer warranty only applies when using eyelets supplied by RUBAN HERAUD cie.

Les renforts

Pendant de nombreuses années, l’unique solution pour suspendre un rideau, consistait à utiliser un ruban fronceur avec des agrafes.
L’arrivée de l’œillet de décoration a été une véritable révolution dans la façon de confectionner un rideau.

Afin de proposer une tête de rideau avec un pli régulier et esthétique, nous proposons une large gamme de renfort :

Les Rubans tissés de 50 à 135 mm de large, sont des renforts en crin polyester transparent ou blanc qui s’adaptent à tous types de tissus d’ameublement ou de voilages.
Connaissez-vous notre version thermocollante avec enduction double face pour une pose sans couture ?
Des renforts à poches, utilisés comme un ruban fronceur, mais sans cordon de tirage sont également disponibles en différentes largeurs : 70, 75, 90, 100 et 120 mm.D’autres renforts pré-percés sont proposés pour faciliter la pose d’œillets plastique en Ø 35 ou 44 mm. L’espacement est prédéfini et élimine le calcul de l’entraxe entre deux œillets !
Les renforts intissés sont découpés à partir de laize de tissu en coton, polyester ou polypropylène. Ils présentent un avantage économique pour les confectionneurs de rideaux prêt à poser.

Nous proposons des largeurs standards en 80, 100 et 150 mm. Pour toutes découpes spécifiques, veuillez consulter notre service commercial.


During many years, the only way for hanging a curtain was to use a tape and hooks.

The decorative eyelet has been a real change in the way of manufacturing a curtain.

As a way to achieve a curtain heading with reguliar pleats and nice looking ,we propose a large range of buckrams:

Woven buckrams

Woven type buckrams from 50 to 135 mm width, are made of polyester filament, transparent or white, suitable for any sort of upholstery or voile fabric.

Do you know our double side hot melt adhesive version to be used without seam?

Buckrams with pockets ,used as a curtain heading tape without cords , are available in various widths: 70, 75, 90, 100 and 120 mm.
Buckram with predrilled holes are provided to help setting 35 and 44 diameter plastic eyelets .The gap between two holes is predetermined and avoid calculating the position of the eyelets.

Non-woven buckrams

Nonwoven buckrams are cut from a full width fabric in cotton, polyester or polypropylene.

They are competitive pricewise for industrial manufacturers of ready made curtains.

We propose standard widths in 80, 100 and 150 mm.

Would you be looking for any other dimension, please get in touch with our commercial team.

Tapes with loops for rod

The original tape with loops for rod was probably the tubular version, very popular in the 70’s to 90’s for brise-bise curtains.

In the 2000’s, HERAUD RUBANS creates the first “tape with loops for rods” by welding loops on a transparent buckram (our RPC 100 ref). This product ,which helps manufacturing curtains and avoid gathering by pulling cords ,has immediately proved very successfull!

We today offer different versions: welded loops or woven filament loops available in 50 mm width for voile fabrics ,and 100 mm for fabrics.

A tape may also combine possibility of being gathered (for instance as a pencil pleat) or used with a rod (woven loops); the reference 7112, that you will find in our catalogue belongs to this sort of tape.

Our latest available version is a polyester buckram cut with the laser machine (Ref PCD 100).