Textile trimmings

Trim in home decorating is applied ornament, such lace, passementerie, ribbon, rulles made with all kind of yarns: synthetic as polyester or natural as cotton, viscose, linen…

Today, most trimmings are manufactured for home furnishings, haberdashery and crafts.

Spurred by this development, we propose a large range of braid trimming produced in exclusivity by our Tunisian partner.

Rubans René HERAUD participated to dust off traditional textile trimmings, with a new concept of magnetic tiebacks for curtains. Leader on the french market with the concept no-drill fasteners, we propose a new collection, every year introducing new materials as wood, rattan, jute, suede…

We develop a tailor-made offer following your own design… Don’t hesitate to contact our sales department for more information.

Magnetic tiebacks

Magnetic tiebacks are probably the most genius invention of the last decades : easy to fix, no drilling’s necessary, they will seduce you by their efficiency.

Heraud company was one of the first to trade magnetic tiebacks on the French market. This range of products included several kinds of materials such as wood, metal, textile, leather or even polyester resin.

Our collection is probably the largest on the market. It is well-know for its quality and mostly for the strength of the magnets used .

Every season, we develop new models and we keep on searching for new designs that are bringing the traditional trimmings forward based on the indoor decoration trends.

We do have our own manufacturing workshop, where all specific and customized projects can be achieved whenever it is for contract or collectivities.

Browse our catalogue of accessories and find the whole collection.

Textile Trimmings

Our range of textile trimmings is based upon followings themes of products:

  • Textile tiebacks made of various materials like wood, jute, cotton, viscose or artificial stone This is HERAUD RUBANS’s creative image.
  • Cords Tassels are hand-made, mainly in the mediterranean area .In addition to our standard products, we produce models in relation with the hotel industry, packaging or cosmetics sector.
  • Textile embellishment are manufactured upon customer’s request, and applicable to various enduses like bookmark, rosace and shoulder strap ,and any other product based upon a “passementier” know-how .

Trimming braids

Although trimming is often considered as a nobel decorative item, our purpose is to propose a range of woven ,braided and knitted products at attractive prices.

We renew and refresh our offer every year!


We produce various types of cords, mainly in cellulosic materials like cotton, viscose, jute or hemp.

2 to 10 mm diameter are available on stock, other dimensions may be produced upon request.

We propose thin knitted cords called “tricotine” used for made to measure tiebacks or tassels.

Piping trim

Our decorative cotton, linen or viscose borders are suitable for making cushions, bedcover and sofa.

Please pay attention to our 100% made in France velvet piping!

Called double thread ,twin rope or double piping, this cord is suitable to finish a seat or a lampshade.

Lezarde ( snake braid )

These little scalopped trims , whose shape is waving like the tail of a snake, are used to hide the seams of a fabric, or joining lines of a piece of furniture.

Our braids are woven in natural fibers like linen, jute or viscose.


Traditionnaly intended for the finishing of curtains, sofas or lampshade, fringes are as well suitable to garment manufacturing.

We custom produce any type of fringe in cellulosic material: “marabout” cutfringe, tassel fringe, twisted fringe.